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P.Y.O.  't Beizenhofke

Your Pick Your Own garden for organic raspberries

The 2019-picking season has ended !

Picking started 22nd of June and ended 26th of July.

Appleraspberryjuice and deepfrozen raspberries are still available.

2020 ... If you wish to stay informed, then send an email to info@tbeizenhofke.be mentioning "Season 2020".

Welcome to 't Beizenhofke, your raspberry Pick Your Own in the region of Halle.

1 acre full of delicious raspberries, cultivated by organic standards.

You pick your raspberries, we weigh the fruit and you pay cash or with Payconiq.

A unique experience.


Picking season 2020

If you wish to stay informed personally, then send "Season 2020" to info@tbeizenhofke.be. Check our opening hours 2019 !


Juice is on sale at the P.Y.O. during pickingseason or in Dworp : text (or Whatsapp) or call 0478/20.74.00 or Huizingen in the cafetaria of http://www.oeh.be/ and at Hoevewinkel Nathalie (Ninoofsesteenweg 30 - Pepingen ; close to "Mong Blok").

Deepfrozen organic raspberries

Available in Dworp : text (or Whatsapp) or call 0478/20.74.00

Contact : 0478/20.74.00                                info@tbeizenhofke.be

Facebook: 't beizenhofke                           Instagram: tbeizenhofke

Bank : CRELAN BE95 1030 4359 0858

VAT: BE 0589.827.306

P.O. box : Kroondallaan 27/1 - 1653 Dworp (this is not the address of the P.Y.O. !)

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