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Welcome to 't Beizenhofke, your raspberry Pick Your Own in the region of Halle.

1 acre full of delicious raspberries, cultivated by organic standards.

You pick your raspberries, we weigh the fruit and you pay (cash).

A unique experience.


Picking season

The new season will start mid-June. For the exact date op reopening, check this webpage or send an email to info@tbeizenhofke.be, mentioning "Season 2019". Pickingseason ends end of July. Check our opening hours 2019 !


Juice is on sale in Dworp : text (or Whatsapp) or call 0478/20.74.00 or Huizingen in the cafetaria of http://www.oeh.be/ and at Hoevewinkel Nathalie (Ninoofsesteenweg 30 - Pepingen ; close to "Mong Blok").

Free delivery in Halle + surrounding municipalities if you order at least 6 litres. Text (or Whatsapp) or call 0478/20.74.00 !

Contact : 0478/20.74.00                                info@tbeizenhofke.be

Facebook: 't beizenhofke                           Instagram: tbeizenhofke

Bank : CRELAN BE95 1030 4359 0858

VAT: BE 0589.827.306

Address : Kroondallaan 27/1 - 1653 Dworp

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